Photoshop CC

Training Objectives

At the end of Photoshop CC training course, participants will understand:

Converting B&W to Color


Filter Effects

Pamphlets, Ads, Invitation Cards

Understanding of fundamental computer concepts.

Training Duration
45 Hours


  • Introduction
    • Tools Found in the Toolbox
    • Palettes Used in Photoshop
  • Working with Scanned Images
    • Cropping, Straightening or Rotating an Image
    • Rotating with the Crop Tool
    • Rotating the Canvas
    • Transforming the Selection
    • Printing Images
  • Saving Your Images
    • The Difference between Save, Save As, and Save for web
    • Different File Formats
    • Resolution and Image Size
    • Tips for Changing Image Size
  • Working with Selecting Tools
    • Selection Tools tips
    • Marquee tool and Feathering Exercise
    • Magic Wand Tool Exercise
    • Magnetic Lasso Tool Exercise
  • Using the Foreground/Background Tool
    • Creating a Color Gradient
    • Replacing Colors in an Image
    • Setting Black and White Points
  • Working with Layers
    • A Few Layer Tips
    • Creating a New Layer
    • Linking and Aligning Layers
    • Adding Text
    • Adding Layer Styles/Effects
    • Adding Other Images/Parts of Images
    • Adding Shapes
  • Working with Filters
    • Applying Filters
    • Adjusting Your Images
  • Basic Adjustments
    • Using the Spot Healing Brush and the Healing Brush
    • The Clone Stamp
    • The Eraser Tool
  • Using Masks to Hide and Reveal Parts of Your Image
    • Adding a Layer Mask Exercise
    • Using Quick Mask Mode and Applying Filters
    • Hiding Selection with Masks
  • Creating Background and Horizontal Rule Images
    • Creating a Background Image
    • Adding a Texture to a Background Image with a Margin
    • Creating a Horizontal Rule
  • Automating Tasks with Photoshop
    • Creating Web Photo Galleries
    • What the Gallery will Look Like
    • Where the Gallery will be created
    • Fine-Tuning the Look of Your Gallery
  • Actions
    • Creating your Own Actions
    • Batch Processing
  • Photoshop’s Help Menu