MS-Office Assignments

MS-DOS Assignments:

MS-DOS First Assignment

  1. Create a file with the name ahcareer. (Enter 5 lines of text).
  2. Create another file with the name Computers (Enter definition of computer).
  3. Copy the contents of the file ahcareer to a new file with name course.
  4. Delete the file ahcareer.
  5. Rename the file course to course.txt
  6. Display all the files.
  7. Display all the files in page wise.
  8. Display all the files starting with the letter s.
  9. Display all the files in alphabetical order.
  10. Display the contents of the file Computers.
  11. Delete the file Computers with permission.
  12. Display date.
  13. Display the time.
  14. Display the current label of the system.
  15. Display the current version.
  16. clear the screen
  17. Go to C drive.
  18. Go to D drive. (If not exists then write error message)
  19. Create a directory with the name user in E drive. (If E drive not available then use any Drive of your choice.)
  20. Change the directory to user.
  21. Create five files of your own in user directory.
  22. Copy the contents of all the five files to one file (file name main.all).
  23. Copy the main.all file to root. of current drive.
  24. Come out from user Directory.
  25. Delete the directory user.
  26. Create a file Names without using copy con command.
  27. Create a file Rjy( use the function key to save the file)
  28. Create a file Kkd (don’t use the function key to save the file).
  29. Create a directory with the names Cities
  30. Copy the files Rjy and kkd to Cities
  31. Display all the files in page wise.
  32. Display all the files with the extension C
  33. Display all the files whose 2nd character is a.
  34. Display all the files whose name is 3 or less than 3 characters.
  35. List the contents of file Rjy being in root.


MS-DOS Second Assignment

  1. Open MS-Dos without using Run command (in Administrator mode)
  2. Change color of text to red and background color to green
  3. Reset with original colors (B&W)
  4. Change system date to your birth date
  5. Change system time to 5:00 PM
  6. Reset date and time to current date and time
  7. Make directory with your name in E:\
  8. Create a file with name ‘address’ and store ahcareer address in it
  9. Display the contents of above address file
  10. Change the name of address file to sample.txt
  11. Copy this sample.txt file to ‘Desktop
  12. Open this sample file from ‘Desktop’ by double click with mouse.
  13. Close all windows
  14. Log-Off your computer
  15. Shutdown your computer without log-in.


MS-DOS Third Assignment

  1. Open MS-Dos
  2. Goto E:\
  3. Make directory with name of your friend
  4. Create a file with name ‘detail’ inside above directory
  5. Add some info about your friend in this file. Then save it
  6. Use edit command to add more contents in file
  7. Save file and close dos-editor
  8. Move the directory of your friend name into D:\
  9. Display contents of above directory being in E:\
  10. Delete above directory and file using single command.
  11. Change label of D drive to ‘AHCareer
  12. Show only directory names in E:\
  13. Show only filenames in D:\
  14. Save above two results in single file (use copy-paste)
  15. Close MS-Dos without using Quit/Exit commands



MS-Windows Assignments:

MS-Windows First Assignment

  • Open Start menu
  • Open Sticky notes
  • Write Following text in it
Computer is an electronic device which can take
 input from user process it and gives output to user
  • Select above text all and make bold (CTRL+A) , (CTRL+B)
  • Select word “computer” and underline it (CTRL+U)
  • Select “electronic device” and increase its font size (CTRL+SHIFT+>)
  • Change Sticky note color to Pink (Right click on sticky note)
  • Open another new Sticky note
  • Write Your friends name with phone numbers
  • Select all text in new sticky note
  • Copy and paste in previous sticky note
  • Close both Sticky notes.
  • From Start menu Open Snipping Tool
  • Click on new->Free form selection
  • Drag Some area in desktop
  • Draw some lines on snipping window which shows above image.
  • Change Pen color for each line
  • Erase all above lines
  • Copy this image from snipping window
  • Open Paint from start menu
  • Shake paint window to minimize all other windows
  • Paste above image in paint
  • Save this file
  • Close paint using keyboard shortcut

MS-Windows Second Assignment

  • Open Paint from Start menu search box
  • Draw Rectangle using rectangle tool
  • Select brush->Crayon
  • Change brush color to Red
  • Paint Red color with above Crayon brush inside rectangle
  • Select Text tool
  • Type your name at center of above Red rectangle
  • Change Color green, Font size to 48, Bold and Underline above text
  • Select above graphic with Rectangle selection tool
  • Copy the above image part
  • Open Word pad from Accessories
  • Paste the above-copied image
  • Increase its size to fit page width
  • Insert both current date and time below this image
  • On the Home tab, in the Insert group, click Picture.
  • Locate the picture that you want to insert, and then click Open.
  • On the Home tab, in the Insert group, click Paint drawing.
  • Create the drawing that you want to insert and then close Paint.
  • Change page margins with 0.5 inches
  • Save this file in “E:\User” folder
  • Show both paint and Wordpad windows as Stacked (Right click on Taskbar)
  • Save paint image with any name
  • Close Both Windows using Keyboard shortcuts
  • Open another word pad window from Run command (Win+R)
  • Open word pad file created above from recent documents (Right click on word pad button on taskbar)

MS-Windows Third Assignment

  • Open start menu using keyboard
  • Open Control Panel
  • Show all icons in large size
  • Open keyboard control panel
  • change Keyrepeat rate
  • Close keyboard panel
  • Open display panel
  • change screen resolution and reset
  • close display panel
  • Open user accounts panel
  • create new user with your name
  • give a password to it
  • Close Control Panel window using short cut key
  • Logoff from current user account
  • Login using new user account created above
  • Change desktop icon for my computer
  • rename documents
  • Open user accounts from control panel
  • remove password for current user
  • Change username and image
  • Close user accounts window
  • Logoff from current user
  • Login from another user (ahcareer)
  • Open user accounts without using control panel
  • delete user account created with your name
  • Shutdown current system using keyboard

MS-Windows Fourth Assignment

  • Open start menu with keyboard
  • Open notepad
  • Open Calculator
  • Copy and paste answers of following calculations into notepad
    • Find answer for the following calculation
      • 2+4-6*9/3 = ______________
    • convert following units
      • 2 meters = ____________ inches
      • 3 square meters = _____________ square feets
      • 30 degrees = _____________ radians
    • Find no. of days between following dates
      • your birthday to current date
      • 15-aug-1947 to 25-may-2013
    • Convert following numbers into binary digits and Hexa decimals
      • (59)10 =          ( _____________ ) 2   =          ( __________ )16
      • (123)10 =          ( _____________ ) 2   =          ( __________ )16
      • (9865)10 =          ( _____________ ) 2   =          ( __________ )16
    • Save above Notepad file with your name in E:\User folder.

MS-Word Assignments

MS-Word Assignments 1

Prepare your resume with your details in following order
(Add some formatting decorations to show resume more attractive)

Address line1

Address line2



Your Name

Educational Achievements

1st Rank in some exam

Got class/school first in some subject in some exam

Extracurricular Activities

Dance competition

Group discussion


Qualification School/College Year Percentage


Personal details

Name                                                                    :

Father Name                                                     :

Mother Name                                                   :

Hobbies                                                               :

Languages Known                                           :

Permanent Address                                       :

References                                                         :


Place:                                                                                                             (YOUR NAME )

(Note: Search online for more resumes format templates or ask your faculty)


MS-Word Assignments 2

Make a letter for invitation to your birth-day party in MS-Word.

Then send it to at least 5 of your friends with their addresses using mail-merge.

Print each letter in separate page.

Note: Make your birth-day invitation letter more designer by adding some pictures, borders, colorful texts etc.,

MS-Excel Assignments

MS-Excel Assignments 1

  1. Open new work book
  2. Type following data in excel sheet Starting from A1 cell


Region Sales Man      
  A B C D
P 100 198 97 200
Q 150 89 250 100
R 268 123 150 159


  1. Select cell Sales Man with four cell (B1:E1) in same row
  2. Click on Home-> Alignment->Merge & Center
  3. Select Cells having values 100,150,268 in first column with extra cell below them
  4. Click on Home->Editing->Sum
  5. Select this sum cell’s fill button drag mouse button upto remaining 3 columns
  6. Select cell in Region P row after Sales Man D column (B1:E4)
  7. Click on Formulas->Autosum
  8. Select this cell (F4) and drag the formula in remaining 2 row cells in same column
  9. Select Data in this table
  10. Click on Home->Styles->format Tables
  11. Choose Any style from list of style
  12. Click on OK in Format as Table Dialog box
  13. Click on Insert->Charts->Column
  14. Choose any Column Chart Style from list
  15. Move This chart below data table
  16. Click on File Tab -> Save
  17. Give File name -> Ok

MS-Excel Assignments 2

  1. Open new Excel workbook
  2. Type “sunday” in cell A1
  3. Select cells from A1 to G1
  4. Click on Home->Editing->Fill->Series->Autofill
  5. Fill selected cells with week days
  6. Select Range A1:A7
  7. Fill selected cells with week days as above
  8. Repeat above step for remaining columns B to G
  9. Click on Home->Editing->Find & Select -> Replace
  10. Change all “Sunday” to “Holy Day”
  11. Select Range A1:G8
  12. Click on Data->Sort & Filter -> Sort
  13. Sort values according to column A
  14. Click on Data->Sort & Filter -> Filter
  15. Click on Arrow Mark at Column E
  16. Select text filters -> begins with
  17. Give begin with letter as ‘T’
  18. Show Values in Column E starting with letter ‘T’
  19. Click on Data->Data Tools-> Remove Duplicates
  20. Select all columns -> OK
  21. Remove Duplicate values from selected list
  22. Save This File