Training Objectives
The objectives of this course are:..

After learning this course student can

develop a website

learn new trends in website designing

Basic computer knowledge is required

knowing HTML is an added advantage

Training Duration
45 Hours.


The Dreamweaver Environment

  • Text Properties Pane
  • Elements of Properties Pane
  • Image Properties pane
  • The Table Properties Pane
  • Elements of the table Properties Pane
  • The Table Row properties and Cell Properties Pane
  • The Insert pane

Creating a New Web Page:

  • Toolbar Option
  • Menu Option

Adding or Modifying a Title:

  • Toolbar Option
  • Dialog Box Option

Saving a Web Page

Exiting Dreamweaver

Formatting Text

  • Making Formatting Accessible for the Vision-Impaired
  • Using Fonts
  • Using Color

Using Lists

Applying paragraph Styles

Applying Text Styles

  • Properties Pane
  • Text menu

Start a New line

Checking Spelling

Additional Formatting

Adjusting Paragraph

  • Alignment
  • Menu Option
  • Properties Pane

Adjusting Paragraph Indents (Blockquotes)

Inserting line Breaks

  • Keyboard Option
  • Menu Option

Applying Special Characters

Making Characters Subscript/Superscript

Making Characters superscript/Superscript: Design View

Previewing Pages in Netscape and Internet Explorer

Preview in Browser Options

Adding a Browser to the Preview in Browser List

Cutting, copying & Pasting

Creating Lists

Creating a List of Items:

  • Text Already Typed
  • Text to be typed

Making Lists accessible for the Vision-Impaired

Indicating the Number of List Items

Numbering the List Items

  • Using Bullets
  • Removing Bullets or Numbers
  • Using Sublists
  • Creating Sub list : Text Already Typed
  • Creating Sublist: Text to be typed

Creating Hyperlinks

  • Adding Links Using the Properties Pane
  • Adding Links Using the hyperlink Dialog Box
  • Creating Email Links

Creating Tables

  • To create tables
  • Adding the Table ID
  • Adding and Formatting table text
  • Adding Table text
  • Aligning Text within a Cell
  • Inserting Images
  • Selecting a Table or Table Parts
  • Selecting a Cell
  • Selecting a Row
  • Selecting a Column
  • Selecting an Entire table:  Quick Menu Option
  • Selecting an entire Table: mouse Option
  • Adding Rows and Columns
  • Deleting Rows and Columns
  • Using the Mouse to Adjust Table Elements
  • Adjusting Row Height
  • Adjusting Column Width
  • Combing (“merging “) Cells
  • Splitting cells
  • Adjusting Cell Spacing and Padding
  • Adjusting Cell Spacing
  • Adjusting Cell padding

Adding Images

  • Inserting an Image from a File
  • Creating a Link to an Image on the Web
  • Assigning Alternate Text for images
  • Deleting Images
  • Moving Images:
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Cut and Paste

Linking with Images

Accessing the Page properties Dialog Box

  • Setting Page Colors
  • Setting Page Colors: Color Box Option