Training Objectives
The objectives of this course are:..

Understand Vector Graphics

Logo Design

Pamphlet Design

Banner Design

Basic Knowledge of Computers

Drawing knowledge will be added advantage

Training Duration
45 Hours


Working with COREL DRAW FILE

  • How to  Start and Open a Drawing
  • How to Import a file
  • How to Export a File
  • How to Edit Merge Fields to Print
  • How to Perform a Merge to Print
  • How to Create Merge Fields
  • How to Publish in the Web
  • How to Save a Document as a PDF File
  • How to Access to the Drawing Information

Working corel draw pages

  • How to Duplicate an Object
  • How to Clone an Object
  • How to Insert an Embedded Object
  • How to Create Web-enabled Objects
  • How to Create Bar Codes
  • How to view in Different Modes
  • How to Work With Rulers
  • How to work With Grid
  • How to Add a Page
  • How to Rename a Page
  • How to Delete a Page
  • How to Re-arrange the Order of Pages
  • How to Zoom in and out of a Drawing
  • How to pane in the Drawing Window
  • How to Go to a Specific Page in the Drawing
  • How to Preview the Selected Objects
  • How to Specify the Preview Mode
  • How to View the Facing Pages


  • How to Draw a Calligraphic Line
  • How to Draw a Preset Line
  • How to Draw a Pressure –Sensitive Line
  • How to Draw a Straight Line
  • How to Draw a Straight Bezier lines
  • How to Draw a Rectangle
  • How to Round  the Corners of a Rectangle
  • How to Draw an Arc
  • How to Draw an Ellipse
  • How to Draw Polygon
  • How to Draw a Spiral
  • How to Draw a Grid
  • How to Add Text to a Pre-defined Form
  • How to Change Pre-defined shape by using its Glyphs
  • How to draw a Pre-defined Shape

Working with objects

  • How to deselect the Objects
  • How to Select Multiple or an Object
  • How to position an Object
  • How to position an Object by using a Different Anchor Point
  • How to set the Nudge Distances
  • How to Scale an Object
  • How to Control the size of an Object
  • How to Skew an Object
  • How to Stretch an Object
  • How to mirror an Object
  • How to Rotate an Object
  • How to Rotate an Object around a Ruler Coordinate
  • How to Change the Order of an a Object
  • How to Reverse the Order of multiple Objects
  • How to Group the Objects
  • How to Combine the Objects
  • How to Ungroup the Objects
  • How to align a series of Objects
  • How to Snap Objects
  • How to Revert to a Clone Master
  • How to Blend Objects
  • How to Start or End Objects in a Blend


  • How to Create a New Spray list
  • How to Offset the Lines that you spray
  • How to draw a callout
  • How to Draw a Dimensional line
  • How to Set the Dimension Units
  • How to Copy a Distortion
  • How to Distort an Object
  • How to Remove a Distortion
  • How to Change the Mapping mode
  • How to Create a Rollover Object
  • How to Apply a Uniform Fill
  • How to Apply a Mesh fill to an Object
  • How to Apply Special Effects to Bitmapped Images
  • How to apply a Special Effect
  • How to apply a color or Tone effect
  • How to Add an Artistic Text
  • How to fit the text to a Path