Training Objectives
The objectives of this course are:..

2D Drawing in AutoCAD

3D Drawing in AutoCAD

Render & Animation


Basic knowledge in computer is required

Training Duration
45 Hours


Introduction to CAD

  • CAD Generations
  • Introduction to Co-ordinate Systems

2D Commands

  • Draw Tools
  • Line, Ray, Xline, Spline, Multi line
  • Poly line, 3d polyline, Polygon
  • Rectangle, Helix, Donut, Ellipse
  • Circle, Arc

 Modify Tools

  • Erase, Copy, Mirror, Offset, Move, Rotate, Scale, Stretch, Array, Lengthen, Break, Join, Trim, Extend, Chamfer, Fillet, Grip Edit Commands

 Advanced Draw Tools

  • Point, Divide, Measure, Hatch
  • Gradient, Boundary, Region, Sketch
  • Table, Wipeout, Revision Cloud


  • Linear, Aligned, Arc Length
  • Ordinate, Angular, Center Mark
  • Radius, Jogged, Diameter
  • Baseline, Continue, Leader
  • Tolerance, Oblique, Align Text
  • Override, Update
  • Reassociate Dimensions
  • Dimension Style, Quick Dimension


  • DWF Underlay, Raster Image Reference
  • Field, Layout, OLE Object,Hyper Link


  • Layers, Layer Tools, Multiline Style
  • Color, Line Type, Line Weight
  • Thickness, Table Style, Point Style
  • Units, Drawing Limits, Rename
  • Advanced Modify
  • Properties, Match Properties, Explode
  • Hatch, Polyline, SpLine, Multiline
  • Clip, Image, View Port, Change Space


  • Multiline , Single line
  • Text Style, Edit, Scale, Justify
  • Find, Spelling, Clear, Select All
  • Isometric Drawings


  • Make, Base, Define Attributes
  • Insert Block, DWG Reference
  • External Reference Bind
  • Clip External Ref, Paste as Block
  • Block Editor, Block Description
  • Xref in place Editing,
  • Attribute – single, global
  • Attribute Extraction

3D Commands

  • Modeling
  • Poly solid, Box, Wedge, Cone
  • Sphere, Cylinder, Torus, Pyramid
  • Planer Surface, Extrude, Revolve
  • Sweep, Loft, Section plane


  • 2DSolid, 3DFace, Edge, 3DMesh
  • Revolved Mesh, Tabulated Mesh
  • Ruled Mesh, Edge Mesh

 3D Operations

  • 3D Move, 3D Rotate, Align
  • 3D Mirror, 3D Array, Slice, Thicken
  • Interference Checking, Extract Edges
  • Convert to Solid, Convert to Surface

 Solid Editing

  • Union, Subtract, Intersect
  • Edges – Imprint, Color, Copy
  • Face – Extrude, Move, Offset, Delete
  • Face – Rotate, Taper, Copy, Color
  • Clean, Separate, Shell, Check

 Drawing Views

  • Redraw, Regen, Regen all, Zoom, Pan
  • Orbit, Create Camera , Walk and Fly
  • Arial View, Clean Screen, View Ports
  • Named, 3D Views, View Point, Hide

Visual Styles

  • Wireframe 2D, 3D, Hidden
  • Realistic, Conceptual
  • Visual Style Manager


  • Light – Point, Spot, Distance, Sun
  • Location, Materials, Mapping
  • Environment, Advanced Settings
  • Motion path Animation


  • Command line, Clean Screen
  • Quick Select, Draw order
  • Update Fields, Display Image
  • CAD Standards, Drafting Settings

 Drawing Editing

  • Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Copy with Base point, Paste special
  • Paste to Original coordinates


  • Publish to web, Add plotter
  • Add plot style table
  • Create layout, New sheet set
  • Import plot settings
  • Export to PDF


  • Ribbon, Properties
  • Quick Calc, VisualStyle Manager
  • Sheet set Manager,
  • Markup Set Manager, Info Palette
  • External Reference, Design Center
  • Tool Palette, Material, Lights


  • Distance , Area, Volume, List, IDPoint
  • Region/Mass Properties, Time
  • Status, Set Variable


  • Interface, ToolPalette, WorkSpaces
  • Edit Program Parameters, Toolbar

Drawing Utilities

  • Audit, Recover, Update Block Icons
  • Drawing Recovery Manager, Purge

File Operations

  • Sheet set, Load Markup set, Export
  • eTransmit, Publish to web, Send
  • Partial Load, Drawing Properties
  • Hyperlink, OLE Links


  • Page setup , Plotter Manager, Plot
  • Plot style Manager, Plot preview
  • publish, View details, Scale List
  • Setup – Drawing, View, Profile


  • Icon, New UCS, Named UCS


  • Parametric Constraints
  • Dimensional Constraints

3D Dimensions

  • User Coordinate System
  • World Coordinate System
  • UCS Icon